The Estonian Street Dancers’ Association (ETL) was founded in 2010. is a voluntary sports association established in 2007 to promote and coordinate street dance activities in Estonia.

ETL brings together street dance organisations, trainers, choreographers and dancers. The association engages its fan base and promotes street dance more widely across the country.

ETL organises the Estonian Street Dance Championships and Cup Competitions, which aim to ensure the sustainable development of street dance and to identify Estonian representatives to participate in major competitions around the world.

A ranking of Estonian street dancers will be created based on the competitions. It also works closely with supporters and contributors to the sector, including artists and street performers.

Our mission and vision


The vision of the Estonian Street Dancers’ Association (ETL) is to help make street dancing in Estonia a professional and credible sport, which allows it to develop on equal terms with other sports.

ETL’s vision includes the development of upright street dance styles as a future Olympic sport, and.
u (breakdance) popularisation in Estonia. The vision is also to raise the profile and reputation of Estonian street dancers around the world.


The mission of the Estonian Street Dancers Association (ETL) is to create an up-to-date and reliable structure for the development of street dance in Estonia, including the organisation of competitions, the creation of rules and regulations, and the invitation of street dance coaches.

ETL’s mission includes the development of street dancing as a competitive and amateur sport, as well as the promotion of sporting and healthy lifestyles. The mission is to create more favourable conditions for dancers and various support and scholarship opportunities in Estonia.


Board members

Mari Venski

Lenel Karu

Peter Taim

Joel Driver

Chairman of the Board

Tauri Vosman

Gold sponsor

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