Racing is now cheaper!

2023. In the first round will take place in 20. -21 May and this year the competition fees are reduced for dancers! The first cup round in breakdance will be held on 20. The competition will take place on May 5 in Raatuse School in Tartu and will be divided into four 1vs1 categories: Bboy […]

Good news from our gold sponsor!

We are pleased to announce that Sportland, the gold sponsor of the Estonian Street Dancers Association, is offering a -30% one-time discount coupon to new members. In addition, all first-time members will receive a -50% one-off promotional voucher from Sportland. Everyone will be contacted by email when the vouchers are ready. If you have any […]

Why the European Championship 2023. at the beginning of the year?

We want to clarify the date of the Estonian Street Dance Championships, which will take place in 2023. The start of the year is just around the corner. From now on, the championships will be held at the beginning of the calendar year and the four cup stages will then take place throughout the year. […]

Remember: membership needs renewing!

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the development of the field can become a member of the Estonian Street Dancers Association at any time. However, membership is valid for one calendar year, which means that by 2023. In 2011, we ask everyone to renew their membership and pay the annual membership fee again. Existing members […]

The prize fund for the Estonian championship is €2000.

Already 11. The Estonian Championships in break dancing and upright street dancing will take place in Tartu on February 2, and the prize fund for all main categories (adults) is 2000 euros! In total, the champions will be crowned in 8 different categories, three of which are in the youth or children’s age categories. For […]

Breakdancers can compete for free at the Estonian Championships

The Estonian Street Dance Federation announces good news – 2023. The participation in the 2010 Estonian Championship is free for all competitors! Since the break is in 2024. As one of the disciplines of the Paris Olympics in 2007, the Estonian Street Dance Federation received support for dancers in this field and for the first […]

The championship will take place in Tartu on 11 February!

The Estonian Street Dancers Association will start from 2023. Since the beginning of the year by organising the Estonian Championships at the beginning of the calendar year. The reason for the change is to give an opportunity to identify early on who Estonia’s representatives could be sending to the foreign competitions coming up during the […]

The 2022. Estonian champions and overall winners of the 2011 season

On Sunday 4. The 2022 edition of the Estonian Street Dancers’ Association was held for the first time in Viimsi Aatrium on December 20. Estonian street dance championships and the third and final round of the Estonian break dance championships. During the energetic and exciting battles, the Estonian champions in six categories, the four winners […]

Breakdancers can train for free

We would like to remind you that members of the Estonian Street Dancers’ Association have the opportunity to use free of charge three different venues in Estonia. The open class is open to all breakdancers and those interested. You can become a member here: Open classes are held in Tallinn, Tartu and Võru JJ-Street […]