DJ Sergucci will be spinning again!

On January 8th, the highly acclaimed Dj Sergucci will be playing music at the Back To The Basics Cup in Pärnu! She has been a thrilling performer at various competitions in Estonia before and is always welcome among the dancers.

DJ Sergucci took his first steps in the DJ world in 2010. in various street dance festivals in 2009. Today, he is so popular in Europe that his music can be heard at many major events.

Sergucci has also played at other well-known street dance events such as R16 Malta Preselection, Battle of Est, Summer Street Groove, Up Your Skillz and others. He always surprises!

Remember that you can become a member of the Estonian Street Dancers Association here and membership is confirmed by the membership fee. It is possible to choose between an annual membership fee of 25 euros or 40 euros, the latter with an official t-shirt of the Estonian Street Dancers Association as a first bonus.

Members have a reduced entry fee (15 euros) and the opportunity to be included in the Estonian street dancers’ ranking. This is based on the points earned in the cup stages.

NB! 8. -9. On January 9th it is not possible to register for the competitions on the spot, so sign up before the New Year and see you in Pärnu!

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