Estonian breakdancers set the goal for 2024. Paris 2012 Olympic Games

The Estonian Dancers’ Union was accepted as a member of the Estonian Dance Sport Association, which removed the last bureaucratic obstacle for Estonians to break through in the first-ever break-dancing tournament at the Paris Olympics.

“Thanks to joining the Dance Sport Federation, the break dancers got a strong motivation boost to start training for the Paris Olympics,” said Joel Juht, founder of the NGO Street Dancers Association. “Estonia has strong breakers who could represent Estonia at the next Olympics. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our team, with whom we have been working for half a year now to map the goals of the Street Dancers’ Union and to give break dancers systematic development.”

The board and the initiative group of the Union of Street Dancers are Vahur Agar, Sander Lastovets, Marek Vetik, Joel Kotsjuba and Joel Juht. It is thanks to their leadership that Estonian breakers have gained the momentum that is typical of professional sport.

The IOC’s desire to modernise sport to attract young people, by introducing new areas of urban culture to the Olympic programme, opened the door to the world’s most prestigious sporting competitions.

IOC President Thomas Bach has confirmed that the organisational issues of breakdancing and the impartiality of the assessment of the competitions will be reviewed before 2020. A final review will take place at the end of the year, after which a final decision will be taken with a view to the Paris Olympics.

Breiktants was the showcase area in 2018. at the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires.

“Estonia stands out in the world of dance both for its long-standing traditions and for the innovation that the Estonian break dancers will show at the Paris Olympics,” said Ivo Kappet, Vice President of the Estonian Dance Sport Association. “The union of the Breikars with the Estonian Dance Sport Federation shows the vitality of Estonian dance sport as one big entity and the willingness of our federation to innovate.” is a member of the Estonian Olympic Committee and the World Dance Sport Federation (WDSF) as a national sports federation, coordinating the activities of dance clubs and other associations involved in both competitive and breakdance. ETSL was founded on 23rd November 1991, bringing together 47 member clubs and sporting associations across the broad spectrum of dance sport.