Exciting dance battles revealed the winners of the Estonian Cup competitions

On 30 July, a large number of dancers gathered at the Liipa Talu Training and Recreation Centreon the outskirts of Tallinn to find out the best street dancers in the Estonian Cup.

The Cup, which this time was called Camp of Hip-Hop Battle Day, where in addition to the Estonian judge B-Boy Kirill, the jury also included foreign stars B-Boy Renegade, B-Boy Mihanizm, Yanou Ninja, Joseph Go, Oskar Supreme and Grichka . While this year’s Cup was the third in the upright styles, it was the first in the break. In total, there were 10 categories, including the Camp of Hip-Hop Battle Day Showcase category.

Winners of the 1st stage of the Estonian Cup in breakdance:

Breik Open 1vs1 – Tino the Man (UKR)

B-Girl 1vs1 – B-girl Melani (EST)

Winners of the III stage of the Estonian Cup street dance competition:

Locking 1vs1 – Mirell Karhu (EST)

Popping 1vs1 – Tauri Vosman (EST)

House 1vs1 – Margaret Targo (EST)

Hip-Hop 1vs1 – Annely Kõrvel (EST)

Hip-Hop junior 1vs1 – Georg Mattias Pedjasaar (EST)

Vogue Performance overall winner – Eneli Juhansoo (EST), vogue old way winner – Adrian Divonin (EST), vogue new way winner – Jessica Ninja (EST), vogue fem winner – Eneli Juhansoo (EST)

Krump 1 vs 1- Wanted (UKR)

Camp of Hip-Hop Battle Day Showcase Winner – Not The Gentlemen (EST)

The Estonian Cup competitions are organised by the Estonian Ballroom Dancers Association in cooperation with the Estonian Dance Sport Association.

In addition to cash prizes, the prize fund was supported by: MyFitness, Fazer, Barebells, Vitamin Well, Skywheel of Tallinn, Värska Originaal, Streetshop One, Red Bull!

We remind you that all dancers who are members of the Estonian Street Dancers Association automatically get their points in the Estonian Street Dancers ranking.

Congratulations to all the winners!