Fierce battles were fought at the Estonian Championships in breakdancing and street dancing

On Saturday, the 2023 edition of the World Championships were held in Variku Sports Hall in Tartu. The winners of the 2010 Estonian Championships in break dancing and upright street dancing. A record number of competitors were present in all categories, including guests from neighbouring countries.

This time the jury consisted of Bgirl Taya, Bboy Renegade and Bboy Narek The Show in break dance and Jörgen (Funky Fedler), Renegade and Kashmir Leese in upright street dance.

Winners of the European Championships in Brevet Dance 2023:

Breaking Kids 1vs1 – Bboy Shadow aka Georgi Kurotskin (EST)

Breaking Junior 1vs1 – Bboy A-Hawk aka Artis Vanags (LAT); the best Estonians were Bboy Moorits (Sven Marcus Mändmets) & Bboy Argentum (Silver Matiisen), who both reached the semi-finals.

Breaking Crew 4vs4 – The Camelot Crew aka Shaman, Svjatorus13, First, Flava (LAT); best Estonian team was Crossing Streams & Harashoj Patsanõ.

Bboy 1vs1 – Bboy TheKey aka Miks Gailitis (LAT); the best Estonian was Bboy Tipsi (Dmitri Ivanov), who reached the semi-finals.

Bgirl 1vs1 – Girl AirNastya aka Anastasija Solovjova (LAT); the best Estonian was Bgirl Melani (Melani Väits), who reached the final.

European Championships in Upright Street Dance 2023 winners:

Hip-Hop 1vs1 – Janeli Kunnberg (EST)

Hip-Hop Junior 1vs1 – GroovyGeorg aka Georg Mattias Pedjasaar (EST)

Locking 1vs1 – Felix Aimable aka Dice (LT); the best Estonian was Mirell Karhu, who reached the final.

Popping 1vs1 – Konstantin Kim aka Kostya OverHitz (LT); the best Estonian was Annely Kõrvel, who reached the final.

Krump 1vs1 – Konstantin Kim aka Kostya OverHitz (LT); the best Estonian was Mari Venski who reached the final.

House 1vs1 – JuliO aka Julius Marcus Simm (EST)

Congratulations to all the winners and see you at the first round of the Cup in April!

We will soon announce the exact date and location of the Cup stage and share pictures and videos of the weekend with you!

Thank you to our supporters Sportland, Myfitness, Redbull, the City of Tartu, Tartu Cultural Endowment and the Estonian Dance Sport Federation!