How does Myfitness support members of the Estonian Street Dancers Association?

The activities of the Estonian Street Dancers Association are boosted by the largest chain of fitness clubs in Estonia, MyFitness, where all our members can now exercise at a discounted price all over Estonia!

While the price of a full package in MyFitness clubs in Estonia is 67€/month, the price for members of the Estonian Street Dancers Association is only 42 €/month!

To qualify for the MyFitness discount, you will need to present your ID card at the clubs, and we will update the membership list every two months.

For the future Estonian national team, the discounts are going to be even bigger and surprises are coming! The aim is to create even better training conditions for Estonian street dancers to develop their physical fitness.

According to Marika Mäsaku, Marketing Manager, Myfitness’s mission is to inspire, motivate and guide people towards a more active, healthier and better lifestyle. Movement can do all this. “As a very inspiring form of movement, street dance certainly supports the principle that we share. To dance well, you need a strong and toned physique, so by combining MyFitness workouts and dance training, a dancer will definitely be more harmonious and capable,” Mäsak assured.

According to him, Myfitness is delighted to be able to offer such opportunities to Estonian street dancers for the first time, and there is a wide range of training options. “In addition to the top-level gym, we also have a wide range of group training sessions, and every athlete will find a suitable area here. We believe that supportive workouts in the gym are a great extra workout for dancers in particular to do under the guidance of a coach,” he added.

According to him, post-workout relaxation is no less important, and this is facilitated by saunas, the pool and spa area in some clubs or the Relaxone relaxation area in the Rävala club.

But how does the marketing manager of MyFitness describe street dance? “It brings to mind strength, movement, agility, speed, good technique and youthfulness. I think that the new federation will definitely give the opportunity to develop the field in a more organised way and give more opportunities to dancers both here and outside Estonia.”

In addition to discounted training, MyFitness will also be giving away prizes in the Cup and Championship!

So we wish you all a good workout and enjoy the discount!