October’s cup finals offered excitement and nail-biting action until the very last minute!

On October 15th, the IV Cup Stage of the Estonian Street Dancers Association in upright street dance and the II Cup Stage in break dancing took place in Tallinn at Club Privé ! The winners were determined in 10 different categories and there were also several dancers from neighbouring countries.

This time the jury was formed by B-Boy Narek (LV), B-Boy Mihanizm (RUS) and B-Boy Tipsi (EST). As there were not enough competitors in the B-girl Adults category, this category was combined with the B-Boy Adults category and Melani Väits took the double victory.

The winners of the I Cup stage in breakdance:

Breaking Open 1vs1: B-Girl Melani (EST)

B-Girl Adults 1vs1: B-Girl Melani (EST)

Breaking junior 1vs1: B-Boy Marvin aka Martin Burak (EST)

Breaking kids 1vs1: B-Boy mIronMan aka Miron Korabljov (EST).

The jury for the upright street dance styles this time consisted of Wave (Alexander Makarov), Nasty (Anastassia Tukova), Jimmi Saito aka Jurgis Binkauskas (LT) and Mari Venski .

The winners of the IV street dance stage:

Locking 1vs1: Felix Aimable aka Dice (LT)

Popping 1vs1: Felix Aimable aka Dice (LT)

House 1vs1: Janeli Kunnberg (EST)

Hip-Hop 1vs1: Maksim Davydov aka Max Stroff (LT)

Hip-Hop junior 1vs1: Sofija Solomatina (EST)

Krump 1 vs 1: Ksenija Goidina (EST).

The Estonian Cup competitions are organised by the Estonian Ballroom Dancers Association in cooperation with the Estonian Dance Sport Association. Congratulations to all the winners!

NB! All participating dancers who are members of the Estonian Street Dancers’ Association will automatically be included in the Estonian Street Dancers’ Ranking. The updated ranking can now be seen HERE .

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This time the prize fund was supported by €100 gift vouchers from Sportland Estonia! Many thanks also to the other supporters of the Estonian Street Dancers Association MyFitness and Actual Print.