The 2022. Estonian champions and overall winners of the 2011 season

On Sunday 4. The 2022 edition of the Estonian Street Dancers’ Association was held for the first time in Viimsi Aatrium on December 20. Estonian street dance championships and the third and final round of the Estonian break dance championships.

During the energetic and exciting battles, the Estonian champions in six categories, the four winners of the breakdance championship and the 2022. championship were announced. The overall winners of the 2010 Cup, with the best results in all the events held this year on .

The winners of the Breakdancing III Cup:

Breaking Kids 1vs1 (up to 12 years) – Bboy M1ronMan, Miron Korabljov

Breaking Junior 1vs1 (13-16 years) – Bboy_Potompridumaju, Sergei Malinov

Bgirl 1vs1 Adult (17+) – Bboy Genix, Genneth Grünthal

Bboy 1vs1 Adult (17+) – Bgirl Rule, Lisanna Soots

Estonian street dance champions:

Locking 1vs1 – Kertu Kibal

Popping 1vs1 – Tauri Vosman

House 1vs1 – Julius Marcus Simm (JuliO)

Krump 1vs1 – Jelena Sibalova (One Shot)

Hip-Hop Junior 1vs1 (up to 14.a) – Milena Filjok

Hip-Hop 1vs1 (15+a) – Anete Allekõrs

2022. the overall winners of the 2010 World Cup:

Breiktantsus: Melani Väits

Street dancing: Tauri Vosman

The jury’s break: Bboy Mykee, Bboy Tino and Bboy Renegade

Jury for street dancing: renegade, Oskar Supreme Pitre, Shannon Whichaway Sha, krump judge Mari Venski

Galleries of the competitions can be found HERE and HERE.

Videos of the finals can be found HERE and a summary video HERE.

Next up are 11. February 2023. 2010 Estonian Championships in break dancing and upright street dancing!

Thank you to the partners of the competition: Viimsi Artium, Sportland Estonia, Myftness, Red Bull, Estonian Dance Sport Federation. Congratulations to the winners, many thanks to the judges and MC Culpase, DJ Sergucci and DJ Koldun, and of course to all the participants, the audience and the organizing team.