The Board of the Estonian Street Dancers Association has been elected!

The Estonian Street Dancers’ Association has elected a 6-member board of directors as a result of the first general meeting. The Board is made up of:

Mari Venski

Tauri Vosman

Peter Taim

Joel Driver

Kirill Sharyi

Lenel Karu

The new board will coordinate the activities of the Association of Estonian Street Dancers and will organise street dance championships in both upright and break dancing.

The vision of the Association of Estonian Street Dancers is to help make street dancing a professional and serious sport in Estonia, which allows it to develop on equal terms with other sports. The vision of the Estonian Street Dancers’ Association includes the development of upright street dance styles as a future Olympic discipline and the popularisation of breaking in Estonia. The vision is also to raise the profile and reputation of Estonian street dancers around the world.

Busy year to the Board!