The Estonian Street Dancers Association made important decisions at the general meeting

Last week, 19. The first general meeting of the Estonian Street Dancers Association took place on 1 December, where the six-member board of the association was confirmed and the terms and benefits of membership were agreed. You can find an overview of the members of the Board on the Union’s social media pages.

There will be two membership options. Regular members are entitled to participate in the activities of the association and in general meetings, as well as to take part in all cup competitions at a reduced participation fee for MEMBERS. All members who compete will be included in the Estonian street dancers’ ranking, which is based on the scoring system of the cup competitions. The membership fee for ordinary members is €25 per year and membership is confirmed by an application and the first payment.

In addition to the regular membership, you can also choose to pay a membership fee of 40 euros, which will give you an official t-shirt of the Estonian Street Dancers Association as a first bonus. The Union has a number of surprises in store for major supporters throughout the year.

Why become a member of the Estonian Association of Street Dancers? Above all, it gives the opportunity to participate in the development of Estonian street dance and to be included in the list of the best street dancers in the country.

The membership fee is used by the Estonian Street Dance Federation throughout the year to cover the costs of organising competitions and events and keeping the Federation active.