The royal vogue dance battles are ahead!

2022. The first Estonian Street Dance Championships of the year will also feature a vogue performance, with gorgeous costumes, exciting battles and plenty of emotion!

The theme of the Vogue performance is royal or luxurious. It represents everything that is gorgeous, glamorous, glitzy or ‘over the top’.

For inspiration, we recommend the movie “Paris is burning” or the TV series “POSE”, but in any case, you need to look as expensive as possible!

Remember that you can become a member of the Estonian Street Dancers Association here and membership is confirmed by the membership fee. It is possible to choose between an annual membership fee of 25 euros or 40 euros, the latter with an official t-shirt of the Estonian Street Dancers Association as a first bonus.

Members have a reduced entry fee (15 euros) and the opportunity to be included in the Estonian street dancers’ ranking. This is based on the points earned in the cup stages.

NB! 8. -9. On January 9th it is not possible to register for the competitions on the spot, so sign up before the New Year and see you in Pärnu!

Registration 8. 01 to take part in the cup: