Weekly sessions for breakdancers will start in Tallinn, Tartu and Võru!

One of the goals of the Estonian Ballroom Dancers’ Association is to create an official Estonian break-dancing team to represent Estonia at major competitions around the world, including the future Olympics.

Therefore, there is now good news for all breakdancers who are members of the Estonian Street Dancers Association! JJ-Street, the biggest street dance school in Estonia, supports the aim of the union, where now it is possible for breakdancers to take part in free weekly sessions, i.e. meetings for joint practice and training. Only dancers who are members of the association can participate.

Exact times can be found in the JJ-Street Dance School studios in Tallinn, Tartu and Võru. HERE.

This good news is also a motivation for all the breakdancers all over Estonia to join us and bring the break team together! You can join the Union of Estonian Street Dancers HERE.